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Parents often ask why they can’t just research and apply to colleges on their own, especially with so much information on the internet and with help from their guidance counselor. They certainly can, and it very often works out just fine. However, an independent educational consultant, or IEC, brings experience, professionalism, and enthusiasm for the college admission process which might make all the difference in finding and being accepted at a good match college. A recent study showed that 26% of high achieving seniors used an IEC!

An IEC, or college advisor, is a “student of colleges” who has researched hundreds of universities and knows what type of student would thrive at each one. We visit colleges on our own, go on consultant tours of 5-10 schools in a week, and attend educational conferences. Members of IECA (Independent Educational Consultants Association), the gold standard for the profession, pass a rigorous screening process in order to be a part of this educational group.

As experienced college consultants, we work with so many applicants over the years that we get to be very good at predicting outcomes and making recommendations. The decision of which college to attend is a costly one, both financially and emotionally, and it pays to get well-researched advice.

All types of students use private college advisors. If your student doesn’t know where she wants to apply or what she wants to study; if he is dreading the process or procrastinating; or if he simply needs a little inspiration, an educational consultant will be tremendously helpful. Likewise, students who are driven and focused on top colleges benefit from the calming assistance of an independent educational consultant who can suggest excellent colleges which aren’t as competitive, to round out their list. Both types of students, and those in-between, benefit from expert guidance on writing an application that is the best it can be. And finally, IECs are effective in working with many types of family dynamics and in helping parents to allow their teenager some autonomy in the admissions process.

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