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This package helps families to evaluate local day schools and compare them to their public school options. The focus is on finding the right fit for each particular child, considering his or her learning style, academic strengths or weaknesses, and interests.

  • Student In-Take: We discuss your child’s experience in school, what has worked, what hasn’t, and why you think he could thrive in a different school environment. We review grades and testing.

DAA works with day school applicants applying for grades 5 - 11. Students have better chances of admission when applying for a common entry year, which is 9th grade for high school, and can be 5th or 6th grade for middle school.

Select History of Student Placements:

DAA clients have been accepted to the following day schools:

Connecticut:  Brunswick, King, Greens Farms, Hopkins, Rye Country Day, St. Luke’s, Pear Tree Point, Winward, Mead, and New Canaan Country School.

New Jersey:  Delbarton, Pingry, Newark Academy, Montclair Kimberly, Morristown Beard, Oak Knoll, Kent Place, Villa Walsh, Peck and Chatham Day.


  • School Evaluation: We discuss how to evaluate the schools under consideration, looking at specific data points, as well as discussing the unique school culture of each institution.
  • The Application Process: We discuss application process and interview, with a consideration for application strategy for more competitive schools. Our base package includes up to two mock interviews.
  • Application review: We review the applicant questions, activity list, and parent statements.

Day School Admissions Consulting Services