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We have an active international presence and are able to conquer time-difference challenges across the globe. We generally conduct our meetings through Skype and augment the process by using Guided Path, an online college planning program designed to meet the needs of educational consultants and their clients. The system provides an organized and efficient process for a consultant, student, and parents to share information and research different colleges.

As a result, we are able to work with families around the world. In the last five years, we’ve worked with students from 23 countries, including Australia, China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Russia, Nigeria, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Germany, Spain, England, Italy, Luxembourg, Iceland, United Arab Emirates, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic, and Papua New Guinea.

Applying to American universities is a complex process, particularly so for international students. With nearly 3,000 4-year colleges to choose from, there are many diverse options to consider. There are also multiple decisions to make along the way, and you may be confronted with terms and processes that you are unfamiliar with. To assist in your journey, we’ve put together an exclusive guide with important information to help international students on the U.S. college selection and application process.

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