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Darien Academic Advisors offers the following packages and services: 

  • Full Service Packages;
  • College List Development Meetings; and
  • 9th Grade and Middle School Meetings

Full Service Package

Begins in 10th or 11th grade

  • Family intake meeting with review of transcripts and testing, and student goals for the process.  Thorough discussion of student interests, activities, potential college major, etc.;
  • Recommendations on course selection, activities and summer plans, plus ideas for how students can go above and beyond to showcase their talent or passion;
  • Development of a testing schedule and a test prep plan;
  • College list development meeting, which results in a customized list of good match colleges with indication of your chances of being admitted at each;
  • Merit scholarship and financial aid advice;
  • Administer Strong Interest Inventory test to explore career and major options;
  • Advice on college visits and interactions with college representatives;
  • Tracking and reminding about application deadlines and scheduling;
  • Essay support--- brainstorming and topic discussion, helping writers to find their own voice;
  • Application and logistic support;
  • Interview preparation; and
  • Assistance with weighing offers, wait list, or financial aid package evaluations.

College List Development Meeting:

Anytime in grade 10-12

A one-time intake meeting and review of transcripts, testing, interests, etc.  After the meeting, you will receive session notes including recommendations on academics, activities, and application strategy, as well as a list of recommended colleges and programs. This includes colleges that are likely to offer merit scholarships. Colleges will be put into selectivity categories based on the student’s profile.

9th Grade and Middle School Meetings:

A one-time meeting at the hourly rate, to discuss college admissions and to develop a plan for course selection, activities, etc.