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DAA has a specialized sub-practice working with high school student-athletes who want to play their sport at the next level. We work with you from start to finish on the dual process of athletic recruitment and college admissions, with a focus on finding a list of good match programs and schools.  We also offer an early look package which prepares younger students for the process.

The athletic recruiting component naturally accelerates the college search process.  Charting a course early on is crucial so athletes have the right opportunities to market themselves to coaches, gain exposure at camps/showcases, and receive appropriate feedback as to what level of college play and types of programs are best suited for you.

We work with you from start to finish, helping to assess your athletic profile while helping you find the right fit programs. We assist with the questionnaires, letters of introduction, and sports resumes. We develop the college list, help formulate a standardized testing strategy, assist with applications & essays, and prepare you for any interviews. We provide guidance on skills and game videos, NCAA recruiting rules and guidelines, registering with the NCAA Clearing House, interaction with coaches, staff and players, and all other aspects along the way. It is a combination of our college consulting Comprehensive Package with the added aspect of assisting you with the athletic recruitment process.

We’ve worked with Division I student-athletes all the way to Division III, from the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), to the Ivy League, to the New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC). We've also worked with student-athletes looking to refine their game at the boarding school level. Some were actively recruited while others had to self-recruit to find the right program. It’s a complicated task with a fulfilling end, and we’re with you every step of the way.

Student Athletes Consulting Services

Our team has worked with students currently playing the following sports in college: